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Workshop: The Fight Against Piracy in Latin America

Moderator: Juan Jung, Public Policy Director, ASIET

Opening Presentation: Ygor Valerio, CEO, Ltahub


Suzy Sierra, Miembro de Junta de la Autoridad Nacional de Televisión, Colombia

Nicolás Cendoya, Director, URSEC, Uruguay

Facundo Recondo, VP, WarnerMedia Latin America

Adela Goberna, Policy Advisor, ALAI

Omar de León, President, ANDEBU, Uruguay

Workshop CAF - Development Bank of Latin America. How to transform the universal service funds to close the digital divide in Latin America and the Caribbean?

The Development of New Investment Mechanisms for the Closure of the Digital Gap

9.00 Welcoming Words: Mauricio Agudelo,
Digital Agenda Coordinator, CAF - Development Bank of Latin America

9.10 Presentation: The FSUs and the current state of digital agendas in Latin America 

Carlos Castellanos, Americas Regulatory Analyst, Cullen International

9:20 – 9:55 Panel discussion I: Challenges of the FSU in Latin America

Federico Storni, General Coordinator of Executive Affairs, ENACOM

Maryleana Méndez, Telecommunication Regulation Advisor, ASIET

Sergio Scarabino, South America Region Representative, ITU

Sebastián Kaplan, Public Policy Manager LATAM, Connectivity & Access, Facebook

Moderator: Carolina Limbatto, Senior Analyst, Cullen International

09:55 – 10:20 Panel discussion II: How to transform FSUs? New mechanisms that effectively contribute to closing the digital gap

Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman

Angel Melguizo, VP External & Regulatory Affairs, AT&T DIRECTV Latin America

José Juan Haro, Director Latam Public Policy and Wholesale Business, Telefónica

Adriana Labardini, Board Member Rhizomatica, Mexico

Gabriela Lago, Director Regulatory Affairs, Oneweb

Moderator: Eduardo Chomali, Telecom and ICT Specialist, CAF - Development Bank of Latin America

10:20 – 10:30 Closure and conclusions
Allan Ruiz, Executive Secretary, COMTELCA

Coffee Break
Workshop GSMA - Capacity Building: a focus on IoT and security

11.00 – 11.05 Welcoming words

Alejandro Adamowicz, Latin America Technology Director, GSMA Latin America

11.05 – 11.15 CE-DIGITAL programme: introduction, updates and results of the programme

Andrea Guajardo, Senior Partnerships and Digital Training Manager, GSMA

11.15 – 11.30 11.15 – 11.30 IoT and security. ITU´s vision.

Chaesub Lee, Director, ITU-T, ITU

11.30 -12.00 GSMA Capacity Building: A focus on IoT and security

What is the Internet of Things?
What are the main dimensions of the IoT?
Security challenges specific to the world of the Internet of Things
Developments in the regulation of IoT cybersecurity (eu, nist, etsi.enisa, dcms)
Principles of IoT security and mobile industry guidelines

Stefano Nicoletti, Policy Director, Technology Policy, GSMA

12.00 - 12.45 Discussion with panelists

Stefano Nicoletti, Policy Director, Technology Policy, GSMA

Martín Wessel, Gerente de Evolución Tecnológica, Telecom Argentina

Emmanuel Jaffrot, CEO, WND Argentina

Sonia Agnese, Senior Analyst, Latin America, OVUM 

Ricardo Pérez, Director de Convergencia y Nuevas Tecnologías, Secretaría TIC Argentina 

Moderator: Alejandro Adamowicz, Director de Tecnología para Latinoamérica, GSMA

12.45 – 12.55 Open debate and Q & As

12.55 – 13.00 Closing Remarks

Stefano Nicoletti, Policy Director, Technology Policy, GSMA.

Workshop ISOC - Democracy, freedom and rights on the Internet. The future of Internet Governance.

In a context of strong change, it is necessary to tackle a series of essential tasks which enables the road to digitalization to bring improvement in citizens’ quality of life, and provide solutions to the different challenges. 
The aim of this discussion workshop is precisely to analyze how we rebuild and protect trust on the web, how we guide the current Internet Governance so that it gives the answers we all expect, what we must change and how we respond to the challenges that have been described. 
For all this, the idea is to start with an initial presentation of a study carried out jointly by ICANN, ISOC, ASIET and GSMA that tries to answer these issues and then, based on a series of questions of moderation, open the way to a table of debate.

Moderator: Andrés Piazza, TIC Consultant

Raquel Gatto, Regional Policy Advisor, ISOC. 

Adela Goberna, Policy Advisor, ALAI

Andrés Sastre, Regional Director, ASIET

Raúl Echeberría, Independent Consulting

Coffee Break
Workshop Regulatel / ASIET - 5G at sight. Promotion of the deployment of new connectivity infrastructure

What should be the appropriate institutional framework to close the existing coverage gaps, cope with the increasingly intensive demand for data by users and ensure that the latest technologies are available in the region? Are current regulatory models valid? How to make investment in the sector attractive? How to make the business model sustainable? How to promote your change? Are we taking the necessary steps to face the arrival of 5g? Are we complying with the times? How to materialize these discussions in the short and medium term? 
So many questions in a race against time. The development of state-of-the-art infrastructure is fundamental for the development of the digital economy-Latin America cannot be late again and we are already late. For this reason, we propose the execution of this round table to discuss about the necessary public policies that allow new infrastructure developments in the region and the elements that foster digital development. Through an agile and dynamic mechanism, this open discussion table is set up where each participant can contribute their views on the subject. 

Opening Presentation: Federal Communications Commision, United States: 15 minutes


Daniel Bernal y Alejandro Quiroga, AMERICA MOVIL

Pablo Bello, Juan Jung, Andrés Sastre y Fernando López Lorenzo Sastre, ASIET

Ángel Melguizo, AT&T

Eduardo Trigo, CATELBO

Natalia Martínez, CNT

Sante Vallese, COPACO

Ignacio Guerrero y Luis Antonio Iglesias, ETECSA

Lucas Gallitto, Lucrecia Corvalán y Paloma Szerman, GSMA

Esther Riobó, HISPASAT

José Juan Haro, Ana Valero y Juan Manuel Haddad, TELEFONICA

Horacio Romanelli, TIGO

Moderator: Maryleana Méndez, Telecommunication Regulation Advisor, ASIET

Cocktail offered by Ericsson

Venue located at Espacio de Eventos Tres Aguas

Ricardo Rojas 10600 – Córdoba