Ignacio Rafael Gei

Deputy Secretary of Telecommunications - Connectivity and Communications Secretariat.

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Ignacio Rafael Gei born in Córdoba, married, two children. Information Systems Analyst, specialized in management of ICT in Government.

Before joining the government of the province of Córdoba, he worked in local private companies in the development and implementation of software tools and process management through the use of ICT.

Concerning the public sector, he held various positions since 1999:

Systems Manager of the Ministry of Public Services of Córdoba (2001-2003).

Systems Manager of the Ministry of Government of the province of Córdoba (2003-2005).

Electronic Government Director of the Province of Córdoba (2005-2007).

New Technologies Director in the Province of Buenos Aires (2007-2010).

Information Technology and Telecommunications Deputy Secretary of Córdoba (2011-2015).

Innovation and modernization Deputy Secretary of Córdoba (2015-2018).

Currently, he works as Telecommunications Deputy Secretary of Connectivity and Communications Secretariat of Córdoba, where he oversees the development of public policies for universalization and equality of Internet access throughout the province.

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