Mayra Arevich Marín

Executive President Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba

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Mrs. Mayra Arevich, current Executive President of ETECSA, has developed her work life in the TELECOM sector. She received her degree in Telecommunications Engineer in 1989 and she was designated to work in Telefónica as of the 13th of March (company that preceded ETECSA) where she started her work training for two years. Later, she applied for the post of Specialist in Telephone Commutation at the first digital center installed in the country.

In 1994, when ETECSA was founded, she was selected by the new entity and hired as Primary Investor in charge of the digitalization process of the west of Havana. Gradually, thanks to the hard work and intelligence shown in her day to day work, she held different technical positions, such as Head of the Engineering Department, Head of the Telephone Center, Manager of the Management Center of the Metropolitan Network and Vice President of ETECSA for the attention of the capital city. As of 2011, she was appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Administration Council as Executive President of ETECSA.

Under her direction, the Telecommunications Company of Cuba has promoted the development of TICs in the country, where the mass deployment of cellular telephone services and data and Internet services for the population are worth highlighting.

Additionally, as part of her academic training, she took a Master in Telematics at the Universidad Central de Las Villas (Marta Abreu), as well as different post-graduate studies in public policy management.

Workers really care for her, as they recognize her trajectory of many years dedicated to telecommunications and her habit of listening and visiting the persons in the base of her organization.

The National Communications Workers Union (Sindicato Nacional de los Trabajadores de las Comunicaciones) awarded her the Medal Mario Muñoz Monroy, for 25 years of work. She is a member of the Communist Party of Cuba and she is a member of its Central Committee.

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